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Does a four-wheeler driver benefit from the use of a GPS?


Most people think that just because they have Google Maps on their smartphone, there’s no need for a GPS when they go on an outdoor adventure with their ATV. However, that is a rookie mistake from any point of view. You will realize this too if you pay attention to the following information.

First of all, the battery life of a dedicated GPS doesn’t even compare to the one of a smartphone. Most cell phones on the market have a battery that lasts maybe one or two days tops. But a GPS bought from a trusted seller can last up to a week. This guarantees you can find your way even if there’s a blackout or if you’re going on an extended trip.



Additionally, GPS devices have hundreds of maps stored in them, all of which you can access offline, without relying on a data plan or an internet connection. Unlike apps, these products offer a lot more detail, and they are incredibly accurate.

Moreover, an excellent GPS for an ATV will also have an audio guide, so you won’t be forced to take your eyes off of any dangerous road. Take a look at what I think are some good gps for ATVs here.

Speaking of data, most GPS units use a satellite connection to get your location, meaning they won’t waste money by eating your provided megabytes in your monthly data plan. You will also be able to use them in areas where there’s no cell phone coverage like a forest or in the middle of the desert, or anywhere you might want to ride your ATV.

Also, there’s the comfort factor. You can buy a quality GPS holder for your four-wheel vehicle so that you can access it with just a swift movement of your hand. Holders can be permanent, or you can detach them so they won’t get stolen if you live in a sketchy area, which is definitely a bonus.

Another big selling point for GPS devices made for your ATV is the fact that their bodies and displays are made to resist harsh environments. You can smash them to the ground, keep them next to you in a sandstorm or drop them in the water, and they will still survive. Most models are dirt and waterproof, meaning you won’t have to worry about cracks.

This is a big difference between them and mobile phones, which do have better screens, but they are also more delicate. Not only that, but they can also be more expensive to replace because the OLED technology is very expensive. So take all of these GPS factors into consideration, and see if you would need such a smart and handy device in your life.

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